I can see your point Brian. I have not thought about the inner child concept being offensive to an adult survivor, but I would say that it doesn't matter so much what I think. If you get pissed at being hounded by the concept, it's a valid feeling.

As an aside, I am new to all this stuff. I have been looking more at CSA than ASA, but I suppose I need to consider both. My freshman year in college I got drunk at a party. In that state, I thought I could take a 10 mile walk back to campus on the interstate.

I was picked up by some guys, robbed and tossed out of the car. I remember only that a sexual assault of some sort happened and that my hands were all torn up, from being thrown out of the car. A fraternity brother came and got me from the police station. Just as he walked in, I started to tell the officer that the guys had tried to rape me. He just told my friend to take me home. For 30 plus years I have wondered if these guys really did try and rape me, or if I was trying to make it with them. It occurs to me now that I was so naive that I would not have lied about what happened, especially to a cop.

Whole point of this is that I am just realizing the cop was totally dismissing the possibility that I could have been victimized. That really pisses me off.

Thanks for starting the discussion.