To me the true fault lies within the therapeutic community for not taking the advocacy for men assaulted as adults seriously. As a group they have failed us.

I too backed off from the daily affirmations listed here when I first read them long ago. Not because they were unsound. But because it directed the entire ten in a singular direction. By honing in on the majority I felt I had been left out of the intended mix. But I have found this in most things I have read or attended over the years since I was raped.

I know some might call certain statements here whiny in nature. And perhaps even insulted. I hope no man who endured abuse as a child would ever think that my intent were to insult or cause division here. What you see are simply the voices of men who feel society is not listening to them. Who feel they are a mere footnote or afterthought in the realm of recovery. We often feel misunderstood or appearing to be oppositional when in fact we are just speaking up for ourselves.

I would challenge anyone who has ever had to go against the popular tide In order to gain their rights or even be heard to see what is being said here.

A very kind member here once challenged me to not let my angst over the lack of resources for me to get in the way of my recovery. I thought long on that. I think I have not allowed my repeat disappointments to derail me as a whole. I have continued on with the work I need to do I order to live my life. But I wonder how
How much father I might be and how much faster I might have moved if male ASA was taken more seriously by those who could make a public difference. I am in a much better place these days in dealing with the societal apathy. But that does not mean I find it acceptable.

As Whitney Houston sang..."it's Not Right But It's Okay". "I'm gonna make it anyway". But it would have been nice to have had a little more help along the way.

May we all strive for what we need and not take no for an answer. Or silence for that matter.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.