I didnt really look that deep into any single tenant. I'm sure given the young age of my abuse and my seemingly happy healthy outer self I looked like what most people would consider "their inner child", all my memories begin when I started school, before all that there is disturbing still photos. i get more of them lately. My impression of the "inner child" analogy is a giving up of all control for even just a moment and being at peace with your place in the world. Its hard some of us didnt even get 9 months before that feeling changed.I had to dig down deep. SA is SA I dont care if you're 100 or 1. Its about power. NOT the sex. sure sex is a big part of it but it isn't dominant. Regardless of perp/victim etimology the perp ALWAYS walk away with the victims hope how much hope they have left and how much they had before don't matter its ALL gone now. I for one think I needed to take my hope back from he/she/what/when/how/why and to do that I just took back control. Of two lives this time. My past and my present. whatever shape that demon takes as i grab hold and drag it kicking and screaming into the light not looking back.... even if it is my "inner child". I took it. not MY PAST.

if the still frames ever make a flip book i'll send ya a copy smile

I will never ALWAYS be right, I wasn't wrong, I am whats left.