Hello Brian you are not alone with struggling with this terminology. Id not really heard it before, till I attended a WOR conference and by the end felt battered by the concept. I was completely out of step with others there and by the end found myself both disappointed and resentful because the concept was presented as the center piece to recovery. Sense as far as I knew I was the only ASA and there was no attempt to connect to that part of me I felt as if Id been seated alone at the table outside in the cold elements.

Like you, my childhood was really wonderful and that kid in me is just fine. It was the adult that got crushed and has struggled to find himself. Its not that I mind the inner child concept it is that Im bothered by the lack of us having a concept to hang our hopes upon. ASA things are rarely mentioned in any formal way and when we fight to be heard in the hopes of bringing about change we are told to not post. I dont even think the ones who should wonder why many of us (ASAs) have grown quiet and cringe when we hear you need to find your inner child. Sigh.

Whoa Doug - beautiful. I bet this retreat inwhich you live slows the pulse and quickens the spirit.

Balanced (My goal)

There is symmetry
In self-reflection
Life exemplified
Grace personified