Hey Brian,
The other day l was walking down the lava roads here on The Big Island Hawaii in the ultra-remote off grid community l live carrying a five gallon bucket A friend and his wife drove into view and when they stopped to offer me a ride l put my bucket in the truck bed and hopped in the cab next to Jenny.
Dan looked at me and said, "When l first saw you up the road l thought you were walking with a small child holding his hand."
Without a thought l told him, "l was...it was me walking with my inner child just the two of us enjoying the wonderfilled day."
We laughed but l was sincerely being truthful.

I too had a great childhood and after the ASA at 19 years old l lost all my inner core and spirit. For over three decades l was empty.
I moved to Hawaii last summer and this place has really healed me and just this past two months a lot of the trauma has disapated or become easier to overcome.
I guess l am just trying to say that l didn't know l had an inner child who needed me.
Hang on, heal and be patient...l began this journey for survivorship in July 2007, (disclosure date), and now almost five years later l am just now starting to feel the rewards of triumph.

Doug>ASA Survivor (1x)
ECV 6001/MaTuCa Chapter 1849
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