Hey I was wondering ..... okay for example ( man , am I
a wonderful writer , eh?!..I have a unique technique....anyway)
when I go workout ,,, I do everything... I don`t lift weights
using my legs... I am planning to UZ my legs for Kardio only!

Anyway let`s say I workout like crazy today.
If I want to armcurl tomorrow b/C I want to kill this feminine
crap in my mind and whatever-so I get pissed off!
People tell me it is good to breathe/exhale while I push or
whatever ...anyway ;damn I am good at going off on tangents!:)

So If I were to armcurl tomorrow and I worked out my upper body heavily today. Will this hurt my body?
I would like to biuld my arms ,,but I like the anger i put on the wights and get pissed off!

I need to be judious too! Sometimes I make little words come out.,, ah, shit..I dont`t
care but really , can you tell me if thisis a myth.. that you shouldn`t work on the same muscle group in consistent days..
I hate rules and I am just wondering..

wanting my friends to be the gym... Goran
i g=need help how ..