This poem was written by me around 6 yrs ago.
it was printed in a book In Cabin Six Edt. by Jill Kuhn.


There are no word to
describe my pain
explain how I feel.
Tell you I'm hurting

There are feelings
left in my body
they all left
The day you hurt me.

There are no tears
to be shead
because there are
No words inside me.

No words only numbness
feelings severed from my body
ripped from my soul
By your bare hands.

By M. Joseph

I posted this under Books for survivors, I would like to see more people talking about book they have found. Noone responded to my post, it makes me wonder how often someone visits there. I am very proud of my poems, and feel that the book written by male survivors is important. I do not know of another such book ever printed. Some of the poems are very strong, but there is a lot of healing in them. I encourage others to share resources tht have helped them.

Hope you liked my poem, I plan on sharing it at the conference in Oct.

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