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So sometimes I make the mistake of vocalizing myself. Expressing my needs as an ASA man as I did in a different forum only to have it be shut down.

SO wrong on their part!! I'm sorry you had to experience that. Keep going forward, though, people that shut others down like this probably don't really understand what's going on to begin with and likely wouldn't have been healthy for the healing process anyway. That's just how I view it myself, I could be wrong, but it's how I see it.

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Itís in this place between the shadows where
Movements intermingling with fearís aberrations
Blur clarity within shaded outlines.

I can identify so much with this. Thank you for posting it, actually.

I know what you mean about guys not wanting to respond to poetry, but guess what? It speaks louder than prose or regular conversation sometimes - it's a powerful tool when used in the right hands.


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