TeamStrick: Military Male Survivor Speaks Out - Part One (interview with me)

Excerpt from the interview:

Coming forward about rape or sexual assault is never easy for a survivor to do after it has happened to them, and most cases that do or we hear of are generally females. It is not just because males are less likely to be attacked, but for a male survivor to come forward it seems to be proven more difficult. However, thanks to James Landrith who was an active Military duty U.S Marine, he uses his voice to encourage other male survivors to come forward to come forward a give hope to others. James openly expresses how the phenomenal organization named RAINN (Rape, Abuse. Incest, National Network) helped his journey to healing and how even being a survivor from a few years, can still bring up bad memories but by using techniques he has learned through professional advice, he knows how to overcome those feelings.

Member of RAINN Speakers Bureau and syndicated blogger
Good Men Project author
Vice President, Men Recovering from Military Sexual Trauma