Okay, kinda new here, I come and lurk periodically, but haven't posted before.
Anyways, I am wits end dealing with the Canadian Armed Forces Provost Marshal and CFNIS.
My father was in the Armed Forces. My brother and I were base brats
When we lived on CFB Namao, just north of Edmonton, in the years of 1978 to 1980 we were molested again and again by our baby sitter. I was 7 to 8 at the time, my brother was 4 to 5. The baby sitter was 14 to 15.
All those years ago, the babysitter was caught with me in his bedroom in his family's PMQ. Then over the course of the spring and summer, my brother and I were ostracized from the rest of the kids on base. We weren't allowed to participate in sports or other activities. Later that summer my family was moved from CFB Namao down the highway to CFB Griesbach in Edmonton. Weird posting seeing as how my father was still attached to 447 Sqn on Namao and my stepmother was still at 7 CFSD.

Psychologically and emotionally my brother and I started to really fall apart. I just recently obtained all of my social services records from back then, and it isn't a pretty site. Typical behaviors, emotional and psychiatric issues for sexually abused children. I was so far off from normal that it was suggested that I be committed to the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton. And Alberta Child and Family Services actually wanted to take my brother and I out of the home and place us into residential care.

Now, here's where it gets very interesting......

I March of last year, I decided to press charges. I wasn't so much going after the baby sitter as I was just more interested in putting a few things straight with the military.

So I contacted the Edmonton Police Service and they forwarded my complaint on to C.F.N.I.S. Canadian Forces National investigation Service (more like Canadian Forces Not Interested Sir).
At first everything was good, they flew an investigator down from Edmonton( I live in Vancouver) to take my statement and things were proceeding along just fine for the first month and a bit. The I received some information from a Mcpl with CFNIS that threw me for a loop.
Turns out my babysitter was in turn being molested by the base chaplain Captain Father Angus McRae.
And from news articles available on the net, it would appear that after the babysitter was caught with me, to save his butt, he spilt the beans on Captain Father Angus McRae.
Captain Father Angus McRae was found guilty in a military court martial.
All of these years, I knew nothing of this.

Now for what makes me really angry, and I don't know what to do next.
It turns out the military police were aware of what the baby sitter had been doing, but the military police failed to notify the outside civilian agency having jurisdiction for civilian matters on the base. This would be the RCMP.
There are three possible reasons.

A) The military police encountered interference from the chain of command. A well known phenomenon, hence the creation of CFNIS in 1996. The interference could have come from the babysitter's father outranking the investigating officers, i.e. he was a Master Warrant Officer and the investigating officers were Corporals. The interference could also have been someone up the chain of command on the base, not wanting a big scandal involving the babysitter molesting 6 kids under his care.

B) the military police didn't want McRae's defense counsel to know what the star witness, actually the only witness against Captain Father Angus McRae, was actually doing.

C) the military police at the time were inept and didn't know what to do with sexually abused children.....

I don't know which one sounds more plausible.

So CFNIS stated that they interviewed me, my brother, my father , the baby sitter and his sister. The babysitter and the sister of course deny everything. And the investigators acknowledge that they didn't interview any of the witnesses as they could only interview those people that I gave names for.
Something sounds fishy.
But what Can I do?

The babysitter, I only really wanted an apology from. But now that I know so much more went on behind the scenes while I was on the verge of being put into psychiatric care and/or residential care at the age of 9, I want to get to the bottom of this, and I want some very serious apologies from the military.

Has anyone ever heard of anything this bizarre before?

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Bobbie Bees

Abused and betrayed in 1980.
The former by a babysitter, the latter by the Candian Armed Forces.
Heavily damaged BUT not destroyed.......