My life has been one day od shame and depresstion after another, been living this way for over 30 years. I talked about my sexual abuse for the first time a year ago after keeping it all inside of me for many years, Which caused many issues in my life two marrige where I cheated on them, shame, quilt, self blame, anger, intermicy issues, lack of enjoying sex and not wanting it any more at all, affection issues, knowing what love is, never feeling like I fit in any where, makeing friends, my past keep coming up, trust issues, lonlyness, sadness, where can you go and get the help you need do anyone know of a treatment center for help we have none at all around where I live no treatment center or support group. Need to get into a 28 day program before my marrige fall apart for the third time. This marrige we have many issues, boundies, person space, trust, understanding, intermicy, affection issues, I pull away all the time help help help