I applied for disability because of the hyperthyroid and CHF. Hyperthyroid caused the CHF. It sucks to be sure. It sucks even more when you have no health insurance and no access to care for it.

I've tried to find other ways to get help. Disability can take up to 3 years to get. I see a doc at the health department and he's just treating the symptoms not the disease. He's a really nice, caring guy.

In 2006, 45,000 people died because of no healthcare or lack of quality healthcare. The latter will be me if I don't find something else. I just don't know what to do. I know the CHF and hyperthyroid are bad because I feel like I have a cold all the time.

I don't qualify for Medicaid since I already met all my quarters as they call them. I've looked at charities in Florida. Catholic Social Services had nothing. Florida is one of the worst states as far as caring for it's sick people. The free medicine here in Florida costs more than the pre>

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