Don't worry Chris, I'm aware that this is your story and there is no universal solution for our problems. By reading it last night I saw that you were very energetic, decisive and let say quick in your recovery. I'm a little bit different (or completely different :-)) nevertheless I'm also always looking for some humor no matter what kind of situation is.
Your process/experience and overall situation gave mi some new perspective. Partly I've recognized myself. Especially in part where you've mentioned assertiveness, non-assertiveness and aggression in relation to other people/family. I'm a little bit same (a little bit aggressive to my family) and non assertive toward other people; and people are usually more assertive to me than other way. So that gave me some material to think about. Can't wait to proceed further with reading. Your book offers grate value for money - you deserve some advertisement :-).
One more time thanks for courage to share your story with all of us!

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