I'm a former USN intel officer. I joined the military to make my dad proud. It worked a little bit, but as time went by it became clear that I was neglecting what I needed. I needed to confront my past, 7 yrs of sexual abuse as a child, while my dad was a successful navy pilot. What can you do. I was diagnosed with severe PTSD in 2010. I thought the condition was only for those who were traumatized by battle, so it was odd for me to hear, since I was no more than a pencil-pusher during Operation Enduring Freedom in sunny, comfortable Manama, Bahrain. Anyways, the reason I post is because I wrote a book recently and it includes a lot of military-related issues that I have worked through not only as a military member, but as a military brat. The book is being sold on Amazon and the rest of the e-book platforms, but if you want to borrow the book for free, please go to and they'll send you one. If you want to see a preview you can probably read the front part on Amazon, to see if it relates. Nice To Meet Me is the name.