The Ayres victim who was molested in 1966 who came forward 10 days ago was at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall when Ayres molested him. His Hillcrest counselor was a young man named Jim Fox. Fox would go on to be the District Attorney of San Mateo.. He was the head DA during the 2009 Ayres trial. He groomed Steve Wagstaffe to be his heir. Fox retired just over a year ago.

Ten days ago, this victim called wrote a letter to his old counselor Fox and stated that Ayres had molested him. This victim had contacted Fox on another matter several years ago. Back then, Fox remembered the man and responded to him.

But this time there hasn't been a peep from Fox.

One wonders just how much contact Fox had with Ayres at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall? How many other boys did he know there who were molested by Ayres?

San Mateo should never ever have prosecuted this case. Ayres was in too deep with people like Fox; Juvenile Judge Marta Diaz; the head of Hillcrest; Children's Services.

At least in the Sandusky case Penn State has hired a team to investigate its failure to properly act on complaints. Not San Mateo. They have buried their head in the sand in the hopes this will go away.

We have no doubt that more ugly revelations will be coming forward in the Ayres case, thanks to the media surrounding Sandusky. Victims all over the country have become emboldened to stand up, speak out and fight back.

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