Hello all -

I haven't posted on this site in a while, so please excuse me for posting about myself and not helping others more. I hope what I've been busy doing will help others equally. I've spent the last year writing a book about my journey through therapy for seven years of CSA. I wanted to write a book to document what therapy is like, for those people who either had negative experiences or who didn't feel like therapy was for them. I have had a mostly positive experience in my two years of therapy. What I learned might be a great way for others to have a glimpse into a therapy session, without having to sit in one themselves. I looked long and hard for a book like this before I started my journey, so I hope others find it useful.

The book is called Nice To Meet Me. If you want to check it out, www.ckcarlton.com

Thank you to all who were there for me at the beginning - I can't thank you all enough. Keep pushing.


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