there is a new foundation in the world, one focused only on Male issues. the foundation is the Tim Thomas Foundation located at this web address www.timthomashockey.com

the foundation's entire purpose is to help and promote issues to the male community. i see no bigger issue than this topic of male sexual abuse. i approached the organization via email and got a response within 48 hours from the President. he wanted to know ideas of how his organization could help.

i gave him a few but i think other MS members contacting the Timthomashockey.com and voicing interest in support from his organization may help.

With 2 NHL players having come out and openly discussed and fostered change in the views of society of our issue, it would only benefit if MS contacted the Timthomashockey.com group and see if we can combine groups to bring more focus.

Walk a day in my shoes, and you will want to die. protect me from a day in my shoes, and i will be forever in your debt.