Ok.. first, I have to say I really am starting to at least respect this T. If nothing else, he at least seems to have a ton of patience. It should be noted that my T sessions are remarkably quiet most of the time. I can't speak yet; not on a lot.

I often I have to snag his notebook or I come with my own and just write down answers to his queries. I still haave problems with shutting down when trying to talk. Marie's gotten past the shutdown-on-speech thing, I'm not really there yet. But he's been very patient so far with it; not eveen so much as an eye roll when I have to start writing in order to get anywhere.

Lab results came with me; sis did indeed show for this one. Was a little tricky with a toddler running around the room (didn't have a sitter for her). But it got done.

We covered that, we covered the groups phobic thing, we covered the sleep thing and the lack of appetite. He wants me on some kind of sedative to sleep. I'm not sleeping much right now. Get to sleep, wake up as soon as the nightmares start. Get back to sleep, wake up again. I can run myself to the point of exhaustion and still not stay asleep. I can be up three, four, five days before I finally drop, and then I sleep for about eighteen hours and it starts all over again.

He also wants me at least nibbling on something small every two or three hours, even if I can't get a normal sized portion down. The trick is keeping it down, I generally can't keep it in me for long, it comes back up. So if this doesn't work, I'm supposed to start just taking some of the liquid supplements and stuff...

So... egh. That's where it's at for now, I guess. Next appt in a week.


Adapt. Overcome. Survive.