An Ayres victim who was molested in 1966 just came forward. He had written a letter to the California Medical Board in 1994 to say he had been molested, but they did nothing.

The San Mateo police tried to find this victim when they were doing a search warrant on Ayres in 2006. They were unable to find him, which is odd, considering they knew his name and the state he lived in.

This is the earliest known victim of Ayres. He is 58. The most recent victim to come forward was molested in the late 1990s. That's a span of more than 30 years.

Ayres managed to get away with his pedophilia longer than Jerry Sandusky.

This victim did not know that Ayres had been arrested. It was the Sandusky scandal that prompted him to do a recent Google search on Ayres.

We are hoping that other victims- in particular those who were molested by Ayres in Boston- will be emboldened to come forward, now that the Sandusky case is shining a spotlight on sexual abuse of boys.

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