I opened it.

They are giving me 84 transfer credits which is the cap they offer for transfers. Yay! According to the school I only need 36 credits, then I can take the Art Therapy program, which is about 6 more classes and an internship.

I really don't know if I have to submit a life experience portfolio. There a few other questions, like why are they sending me an immunization sheet? Actually at the moment there are a million questions.

Fortunately my sister is coming for a 3 day visit tomorrow. I can bounce things off my partner and her and then on Thursday, dig in. I honestly don't know how I will do this.

2012 is going to be wild. My recovery process is getting more challenging and difficult. Getting married in May. School. Have no idea how I will pay for anything. I figure this way. All the shit I've gone through this past year I might as well use it as manure for growing something good. The other thing is I have spent my life never taking risks, always settling. My clock is ticking. I might as well go for it.

I still think I'm out of my mind to think I can even attempt this.

Thud! That's me fainting.