Oh wow laugh I forgot my myspace hahaha, didnt look there for at least 2 years... The myspace account is correct btw smile

The other links are not me wink Jaap Fischer is an older aged singer (and everybody here asks if I am related and I am not haha).

I also don't twitter so that can't be me, but Jaap Visser is a horrible common name here.

My link to my website is: 3 Peak Audio
It's the website of the company I founded. It is not completely up to date. We really need to update it, but it has been busy, chaotic (with work and also my personal life the last year).
More music from me can be heard at: Yooka Music (where I sell licensed music, but here it is easier to find out the type of music I write for work).

Are you a musician as well FormerTexan?

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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.