When I was 14 I was tested for AIDS because nobody knew why I was constantly sick, and just be safe, I managed to talk my mom into taking me to get tested. The results came back negative, but I have been tested two or three times since just to make sure, and the test results have all come back negative.

When I was about 21 I was sexually assaulted--again. Later on my perpetrator approached me with a piece of paper saying that he tested positive for an STD,(I don't remember which one), and laughed about it. I never got tested because I was too embarrassed and ashamed, and also because I cannot afford it. However, since then, I have wanted to get tested for all the STD's--including AIDS--just to make sure that I don't have anything.

It has been about seven or eight years since the encounter and I have not really noticed any symptoms of any disease. Should I still get tested, or just not worry about it? where can I go? Who can I talk to? What if the test results came back positive? What can I do?


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