All of you on here are nothing short of amazing to me.
It takes guts and strength to even talk about CSA. You are all my HERO's.
With out any of you here, I would still be in hiding and going nuts. So Thanks You one and all.

We all have to make life altering deceisions now that we can finally speak about it (even if it is only on here)and with the vast amounts of information that we have here it does make our decesions easier. Yet still very hard to say to an outsider that has never been abused. WHY, because they haven't been in our shoes and an outsider (we are the inside group by the way, IMHO) just doesnt understand why we wouldn't have screamed out when this happened to us.
WELL, Better late than never!
I still dont know how or if I will tell my children but, I beleive that from what I am reading a Therapist would be able to help me along the way. Although they too have never stepped in our shoes, a therapist does understand the "normal persons thinking" better than I do at this time. I am not a normal person right now with normal and rational adult thoughts.

Avery, I am very sorry for the way your mother acted towards you, THAT is not the way a normal mother would act towards their child. We are, no matter how oid, still their child and it hurts us to the core when our parents turn their backs on us. That would Effing suck beyound beleif. Maybe try writing her a letter and lay it all out on the table for her to see again. Just a thought, but a least you can get it off your chest. If she does nothing then thats on her, not you my friend. you are trying and that is all that matters.

Thanks everyone and I will let you all know how my delemia turns out.
God Bless

All I ever wanted was a hug.