I chose Chase because I am a person of action as well as a writer, and thought the best user name was an action verb. Chase just about says it all - chased by demons of my past, chasing a better future - my whole life has been about the chase.

Eric is a part of my actual nickname which in turn intones "Viking". When people call me Eric (var. Eirik), they are pretty close to calling me what my non-virtual friends do. Although usually called by my main nick, if someone shouted Eric right now, I would turn my head.

Truth is as important to me as the safety of anonymity. Finding a way to do both actually caused me to fret a bit. That's why my signature used to say "under pseudonym" - I can at least be honest about not being totally "honest".

Interstingly enough, when I joined MS I almost said the hell with it and used my real name. But the site guidelines strongly discouraged that, and so I figured I'd go pseudo. I'm glad I did - I had a bad experience here where someone attacked me and threatened to hurt me. I now have no regrets using a pseudonym and strongly encourage everyone to do so.

My avatar will likely rotate through a series of childhood pics and in one case my childhood portrait (done by an artist in Toronto, Canada when I was 9). Don't be surprised if my cat shows up as an avatar smile

A recent addition of a boy in a cape holding a bunny rabbit was used as an album cover for Fountains of Wayne and is not me.

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