I am not in shape, well, round is a shape, or rather pear shaped.
I am strong. I am 6'4" and over 300 lbs. I am also 43. I work in construction and it is more off than on. I work 3 -4 days a week. What I have found is that I cannot do "nothing", I need to exercise or at least stretch out.

Well, I didn't, and now I am hurt. I was sitting and turned to the left to install a bracket below me, and I felt an excruciating pain. I gasped, hit the floor on my hands and knees. I went to the Chiropractor, and could not stand up for more than a few seconds, and would have to grab my knees with my palms, or I would slowly sink to the floor. I used heat and cold, and bed rest, and now I am almost back to good.

The problem is, I keep re-injuring it. Of course, I also cannot keep it rested for more than a few days, and then I lift something, and it inflames again. More than lifting, stress actually contributes to inflamation of the lower lumbar, the third lumbar. Studies have shown that stress creates lactic acid, that this is produced in the muscle that is stressed, and that this attacks the muscle.

If you have ever clenched your jaw, or got a tension headache, that is what it feels like in my lower back. If you have experienced this, how have you been able to be self aware, notice that the lower back muscle was tightening with stress, and what was successful in relaxing it emotionally?

I had stress cramping in my stomach, in my jaw, my shoulders, middle back and my lower back. I can feel when these others are cramping, and compensate. I am not aware when this large muscle cramps, and so it freezes, and then I am in pain for the next three days.

Any help would be appreciated,

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