Mine is not a pop song, but a classical symphony.

The 5th symphony of Shostakovich. It was written in the time he was suppressed by Stalin, he was arrested and fell in disgrace as composer of the USSR, he and his family threaten with death and imprisonment in Siberia . From then on he changed his way of writing. It became double layered. When you hear the symphony the outer layer is a "hymne" to Russia, to praise the leader, to praise the people, but the second layer is almost a requiem, for the people being murdered, suppressed and whom cannot express themselves. For millions of people in pain and despair. It is a symphony of "fake" emotions.

That is how I feel often. My outside is shiny for the outside world, looking good, doing good, being "happy" but the deeper layer is one of pain and being desperate.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.