I haven't been at MS for months. I've carried such unrealistic expectations of myself and others that I just......hoped I'd not share/be invisible...and I'd be ok with it. However, I've been alone all day, and I'm needing to share.

First off, I've kind of abandoned my regular T. He's got all kinds of letters behind his name, but I am a Christian, he's a Unitarian, and.....I feel uncomfortable sharing my Christian thought life. About God, about the spiritual battle, all that stuff.

Since the early part of this year, I've been with a guy whose ministry is prayer intercession over the phone with people who've experienced extreme trauma. His name is Phil Scovell, he utilizes something called Theophostic Prayer. I had just googled DID (dissociative identity disorder) and prayer. I wasn't even seeking him out. But the results have been very, very relieving, for God comes into common remembrances. I just feel WANTED by God--loved as a child, not an adult. I'm finally attempting to discern God's voice vs the enemy's, for the latter has been whispering lies to me for many many years. He pisses me off.

Phil's website is www.safeplacefellowship.com.
The website for Theophostic Prayer Ministry is www.theophostic.com. It's got a lot of information, including correction of the erroneous info that's out there regarding it. They also have a listing of Theophostic ministers for each state. (I personally like the phone ministry--no need to put on my "mask" and all :-))

The other thing I use is very effective, and due to that, I've not been consistent using it. It's called the Healing Codes. I'd been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for almost a year when I heard of this. The Healing Codes were given to Dr. Alex Loyd (he didn't create them--God showed him this in a revelation), and the outpouring of testimonials along with his commitment to validating its effectiveness got my attention.

Well, how did they affect me? The first week or 2 I was doing them at least 1-2 hours a day (which may have caused me trouble--TOO much), and I'd be at work, and BAMM!!---an emotional awareness of something---oh sh**!!--not outside triggers, but something which had popped up in me. It was powerful. I was desperate though; I put in a lot of time for about 3-4 weeks. Their recommendation is maybe 6 minutes 3x a day. I was doing 30 minutes before breakfast, 20 during lunch, and at least an hour through each evening. It's simply pointing your fingers at different parts of your face, and it activates healing centers in you. I had chosen to ignore the "healing response" warning; in short, too much can overload anyone.

I had chosen the HC due to one story he repeatedly points to: a woman raped as an adult almost losing her family due to all the reactions she was experiencing. She didn't believe this would work; she'd done two years of T already. But within a week, she was completely healed of her anger, unforgiveness, fear, and beliefs she'd been responsible for it.

I've experienced a "waking up" of memories and emotions---AND I'VE TRIED MY WHOLE LIFE LONG TO NOT DO THIS--but it's not helping me with my sh** sitting in me. Anger has resurfaced again. I've contacted a HC practitioner to address this, for "emotional healing responses" are something I face with this.

And finally......talk about the money part. My regular T gave me the cheap rate at $95/hr. Considering it's a very long commitment, this is very discouraging to me. I've wanted progress. Phil Scovell at www.safeplacefellowship.com says he's never known how to charge for praying with people. On his site he requests $20 a month donation, but.........I've never paid anything so far. I feel wrong about that. I'll change. I'm still needing to pay off my regular T--first things first.

I was extremely curious about the Healing Codes, so I paid.......a whole $4 for a used Healing Code book through Amazon. The company has whole $400-800 packages, depending on how much coaching one chooses. I just wanted the book. I've also regularly downloaded their Thursday night recordings to pick up pieces and experiences of others. And recently, they've started groups, via phone meetings, for people to work together. All in all, MUCH cheaper than regular T. Just start with www.thehealingcodes.com

And that's what I've been using lately. Any questions?