Sandusky on NBC last night....What the F@ck? Why?

Anyway that was never the point for me on this.

The point was hopeing some here would try and see this from my view as a survivor and as a parent whose 2 good teens are living Penn State first hand. What people here debate and opine on by way of the net and the press is something they are living. It's Kinda odd when your 19 year old can describe what it's like to have reporters stop & challenge you, or can describe what it took for a guy on his dorm floor to wash mace out of his eyes.

Many of you have sent me private notes of support, and I thank you for that.

Friday our 2 come home for Thanksgiving break. They both talk of being depressed and beat up by this all. It's not like them to be that way. That matters to me a lot.

They are incredible effected by what has unfolded in front of them. What they are describing is a feeling that somehow people see them as guilty just by being there. There is a secondary effect taking place impacting good young men and women who feel less than whole now because they selected Penn State over Pitt, or UMass, or UVA, etc.

Like anyone here I'm disgusted by all abuse and hurt everytime a new story comes out.

And as a guy who pays way too much to PSU in tuition I'm going to push them to do right up there, and I already have.

But I find it wrong to describe a community of 40,000 in general terms not knowing a thing about that town until it became a news story.

The avatar is the crying Nittany Lion. It's their school emblem now crying in shame and pain for the crimes comitted by a handful of monsters at Penn State.


"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.