Its been a few since I last posted here. After a conversation or two in the chat room and some encouragement from Obi. I've decided to take this post in another direction. Kinda. I will still enter an update on how my pursuit of an art therapy career is going. Now, however, I will add some of my work.

As many of you know, each week when I go to therapy I have collages with me. Its a blessing how an investment in a one day workshop led me to one of the most valuable tools in my recovery. In June I attended a workshop entitled Art Therapy for Grief and Loss. It was a great Powerpoint lecture with projects. the final project of the day was to do a soul collage. We were to bring a photo or representation of something we had lost. Most people brought photos of loved ones who had died. I took THE picture of me as a 3-year old, a photo that, for me, clearly evidenced that I had been abused. I attended with a friend and colleague. I blatantly lied to her and told her it was a cousin I knew as a child who met a horrible end. The project was to create a collage with images the moderator supplied, adding four other images which could be cut and shaped and applied any way we wanted. Our photos counted as an image. The project was inspired by a book by Seena Frost entitled Soul Collage.

I bought the book. For me the project blossomed into a 30 piece and growing body of work. It has been one of the greatest tools in my therapy. My therapist agrees. Things come out that would never be revealed strictly with talk therapy. He has asked me to write down the de>

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