Stop trying to "Pathologize" the sexual abuse by a grown adult (father) to his young son (a child)? Am I reading this correctly?

What is NOT pathological and deviant about it?

The only reason "straight" heterosexual boys who are molested by their fathers usually grow up to beat and kill other gay men, rather than seeking them out for sexual encounters."

Well, there are several issues I have with this assumption. First of all, just because a straight/heterosexual man sexually abuses a another male younger or older does not make that perpetrator a homosexual. Nor does it make the victim of such assualt a gay person.

It could be worse?

Really? How so could it be worse? Perhaps he should have killed the victim he was molesting, thereafter?

I am not here to argue with you or anyone else, but I find your position Bearaffe, to be a bit "off" and while you have your opinions, I have my own 35+ years of dealing with the sexual abuse.

Yeah, stop pathologizing the abuse? Right.

It's easy for you to say that, sitting there with your fantasies, isn't it?

If I could, I would bring you into my childhood abuse day in day out, year after year, by those 'parents' and see if you can un-pathologize it Bearaffe.

Let's see you try to minimize what I went through as a young child, or what any other incest victim has gone through.

You have no idea, or you wouldn't be saying what you have.

Evil begins in the mind.