Bearaffe, I think you have problems with projection and transference; the OP never said anything about questioning his sexuality, what he did was examine how his incest later caused him to be attracted to older men. That is his personal truth and whether it is yours or not, you could at least respect him enough to leave him to it, and not post these hostile and insensitive messages. I think you're the one who has to DEAL with things involving other people and letting things go instead of defending yourself. This is not a website devoted to fetishes and pretending they are abstract and don't come from early life, nor a place to harass victims. Survivors come first here. Many of us know for a fact that yes, our fetishes did come from being abused.

And yes, being molested is pathological, and does have serious deleterious, widespread and lasting effects on our lives. I don't see your story here about how you were abused and what it did to your life. Why not share and receive the empathy and good will this site has to offer?

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