I recently came across an article for the "Caveman Diet" and its Food Pyramid chart showing what should be eaten in order to follow this diet. It intrigued me. But i wanted a comparison to judge by. So i turned to The USDA Food Pyramid.

There are huge differences between the two pyramids and I would like to show them to you.

Caveman <> USDA

Fats & oils <> Fats, Oils, Sweets
Fruits & Berries <> Dairy, Meats, Fish, Nuts
Nuts & Seeds <> Vegetables & Fruits
Vegetables <> Grains, Bread, Rice, Pasta
Lean Meats & Fish <

Just for reference, the Caveman diet is void of any Agricultural augmentation like Dairy and Breads or Grains. but the most striking difference was the base that each pyramid is built on! The Caveman diet is built on proteins while the USDA diet is built on Carbohydrates. Is it any wonder our population is getting fatter by the day? If we ate according to the servings recommendation of the USDA, we would all be blimps and rolling about instead of being lean and trim and in good health.

No one can argue that being obese is a major contributor to poor health in our country. Besides raising blood pressure, it brings on Diabetes, heart disease, pre-mature aging and a host of other problems.

Sure, the caveman diet is untested and may even be a poorer choice. So a study needs to be performed to determine if this form of lifestyle eating is really good for you. So...
I'm embarking on that study to determine if there is merit to this kind of diet.

I already know what the USDA diet is doing to me. So lets see what the caveman diet will do.

First off, I need to set a timeline for the study. Starting as of this past monday, October 31st. I have begin eating according to the Caveman guidelines and will continue to do so for a year. Also, I have recorded my morning blood pressure for the past few days and it has been in the range of 135/85.

Since the caveman diet does not include Dairy (I love Ice Cream) or grains, breads, pastas, Sweets, etc., all processed versions of these products have been completely removed from my daily intake.

Now, I'm not insane... yet. And I don't wanna go there either. So i have included natural sweetners like honey to replace refined sugars. And since I really love cheese, I have to lower my intake considerably and use it like a treat instead of a foodstuff. (emphasis on "stuff" lol).

With these modifications in mind, I started and have been at it for 3 days now. So far... so good. Here are a few things that i noticed:

1. Im eating more frequently, at least five small meals per day.

2. I'm sleeping more soundly at night and not getting up as often to urinate.

3. I have more energy! I feel really good and well rested and have energy to work harder during the day.

4. My system doesnt feel clogged or constipated like it did on the USDA diet.

All of these changes have occurred in the first 3 days.

To insure that i keep on this diet, i will regularly document my progress on my journal within MS and post the results from time to time.

Now to make this all work... i have set a goal. I will lose up to twenty pounds in the next three months and go frome 220 down to 200lbs. Afterward, i wil target 175lbs as my ideal weight.

Okay... now back to why i wrote this post. It is my belief that the USDA diet is the reason for our poor health as Americans and that it contributes to our early demise. That is why I want to study the Caveman diet. To see if it has more merit than the USDA diet. Ill let you know what I find and report the results here.

If you are interested in doing your own study, just search for "caveman diet" in your favorite search engine and read up!

by the way... I dont trust "authority" to tell me the truth. i have authority issues when it comes to the edicts of "government". Just so you know where im coming from. Comment is welcome. smile


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