Be warned you may be inspired by what you read . you may get offended & if that is the case
let me apologize right now because that is not and will never be my intent. My post are meant for reflection & self examination. If you do not agree with my post or my faith that is fine everyone is at a different place in their life & also has the right to believe in what they want . I will not argue or debate i just want to share what i feel the holy spirit directs me to write. If you feel it is not for you than that is just fine but if it touches you and causes you to reflect and take inventory of your life that is also great . I also believe god gives us all we need to overcome our situations & circumstances .He gives us all we need to accomplish this . It is up to us to do the work. i always try to be honest & come with the truth and yes it hurts sometimes so brace yourself . if you can not handle it than stop now
and turn back. if you disagree with it that is fine feel free to make your own thread please do not read if
you do not take into consideration what this disclaimer explains . now it is on you . peace & blessings and may you be blessed and inspired to go to work


Face your Fears
or they will continue to
Face YOU !!


When it comes to manipulation
the one you need to worry about the most is
none other than YOURSELF


Suppressing Sin leads to
which leads to
which leads to
Bondage and strong holds
in your life

Sin whispers come play with me
Sin whispers just taste me
Sin whispers just try me one time
Sin is not a toy you can just pick up and put down
when you pick sin up it DOES NOT WANT TO PUT YOU DOWN

Sin DISGUISES itself as fun
& after the party is over leaves you
to clean up the mess all buy yourself

The Spark of sin has to be extinguished immediately
If ignored it will become a Raging fire consuming you
and everything in it's path
growing to uncontrollable levels


God we give thanks to you for your mercy & praise for your love for us .
I stand asking for grace to stretch out to those who do not know you
I stand in intercession for those who are lost and are searching to be found , let them be found in you Lord .
I ask that your grace abound .
Those who do not know you do not realize their need for a savior because they do not reconize sin
so i ask that you would reveal through your grace their sin,
so that they may see the need for the one you sent to atone for not only their own sin but the sin of the world.
I ask this day for Grace and Mercy to be shown to the lost for veils to be lifted from the eyes of those who you have veiled . Show them your Glory give them site to see and ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord has to say to them. In Jesus Name AMEN


Do not go searching and seeking truth only to consider it
But search & seek the truth with the intent to apply it

Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus