I agree with Bearaffe. Their posting has some legitimate merit as well. To imply and or assume that Bearaffe is "playing around" .... is allegedly offensive and or immature is not necessarily a correct analysis of their posting's content.

I was born "gay" and me being attracted to men, older or not, has nothing to do with whether or not I was sexually abused as a child. YES, I was "BORN" this way. I am not a "lifestyle" or a "choice" as a gay man, just as a heterosexual man has no choice as to their attractions or sexual orientation. I am not a "preference" either! It's not like I can choose to be gay one day (at puberty etc) or not like deciding whether to wear a jacket or not outside, or whether to get drunk or not on a Friday evening at a party.

We all arrive in this world, without clothing, shoes, or a computer. But we all grow up to become aware of our gender, and at some point in time and developement we become aware of our sexuality. It's a gift from Creator, this life, our sexuality, our attractions, etc. Whether it is genetics (biological) or because Daddy did what he did to us, or whether it was because he didn't play enough Football with us, or because Mother was a psychotic B whack job of a woman/wife/mother I don't know.

I am responsible for my own person as an adult mentally, sexually and physically. If I post here, I do not expect to be told that my thoughts or my input is offensive, immature, and be told that I wasn't BORN this way, nor that I am trying to sow doubt/cause a stir/ that I am in the wrong place/ to grow up alittle. And then I can come back and post, simply because someone else disagree's with my thoughts and input onto this site.

For someone to do this, is offensive and immature! I am not here on this site to play around. I appreciate Bearaffe's posting because it does have merit. We all have our "issues" but we also don't need to be rejected either. I don't think Bearaffe was "playing around" and I certainly don't thnk that whome's rejection and asusmptions (my opinion here) reading Bearaffe's posting is really warranted. Just my .2 cents worth.