I hate to be controversial, but having been abused is not always the prerequisite for having an incest fetish. I was never abused by my father or any other male family member, at least until I was well into my teens and sought it out with cousins. But I have always been sexually attracted to older men, and within the last few years I discovered that this attraction included my own father. I was the kid who wanted to be molested, and never was. You could say I've blocked it, but I really don't believe that. I just happen to like older men.

No one ever pathologizes straight people when they are in intergenerational relationships. Older men used to marry young women all the time. No one ever asked those women if they had been abused. Teenage boys love MILFS, no one is suspecting them of being molested by their mothers.

It just so happens that mature, masculine men are a sexual icon. They are strong, handsome, experienced, hairy, muscular... sorry, I should stop before...

Anyway, don't think too hard about it. It is a shame that you were molested, but that is not what ultimately makes you attracted to the people you are attracted to. No one can force your taste. Plenty of people have been molested and turn out quite straight, TYVM. There is no reason why there has to be a sinister cause for every non traditional relationship.