My username is a combination of my wife's name, and my first and last name. She has never hurt me, she is my innocent rescuer. I began to live when I married her, 23 years ago, and my life has moved away from my abusers and those who would support them. She and I, and our children are my life now, and the others are in the back round, not hated, but not intimate either.

The photo is of me when I was about 25, just starting our family. A few short years before that, I had left my family of origin's(SA PREV) home and lived on the street for a couple years, then I got a job and lived with dominant, controlled men until I was finally kicked out of the last place I would live with alone, before my darling wife and her sensibilities in arranging our finances to be able to support an apartment and vehicle, a life without support.

Had I known then what I know now.., thanks for the topic.


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