Great posts and usernames Andy, Andrew and Delta Bravo Whiskey wink!
I've used my pseudonym (Pero Peric) usually when I'm on line. It could be translated into English like Mr. Nobody. It is a real but very funny sounding name in my native language. Sad thing was that I've used this identity since 2009 to reach some porn web pages and I've really felt like nobody at that time. I'm shameful because of this (and some other things too) but I've accepted my past and my shameful side. Now I'm using this name just for healing purpose it keeps me somehow focused on my recovery.
I came from mountainous country and I adore nature so my avatar is picture of an mountain which reminds me visually on my country and my origin. At the top conditions are very wild and scenery is very beautiful. Weather is changing there almost every minute, it's very unpredictable and could be dangerous. That is exactly how I feel sometimes.
So I'm here with aim to conquer mountain inside me and willing to lose side called Pero (Nobody) on that path; I wish I would go back down as a new person smile!!!

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