Hi Andrew and Andy,
I keep a really detailed journal and three weeks after disclosure in the journal l was abbreviating HRT for Hostage Rape Torture. On one entry l wrote, [ I wonder if there are any other men of hrt that survived the man who got me ] It quickly dawned on me l was a survivor, hence the HRT/S.
Hostage Rape Torture/Survivor
and later
H-seek HELP
R-REPORT the crime
T-TALK about the trauma

dbw are my initials: Delta Bravo Whiskey was my call sign on the CB radios we used in the 1970's.

Then 18 months after disclosure l found MS and used a stock moon avartar untill l got a computer last November 2010. On New Years l shot the current avatar image on a webcam and was exploring the graphics and this came out of a series.
Kinda' looks like my reaching out has been touched. Perfect for my MS avartar.

Oh, and l recall using a badly uploaded hand drawn mess for awhile, l was a mess inside so l just left it up. Hate the underscore, but heck, l knew very little about computers back when l disclosed. LOL

Thanks Andrew and Andy for the opportunity to explain and read about your avatar and usernames.

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