Hey Guys,

Thanks for sharing everything, I thought this topic was gonna be a dud, but I was wrong smile There's been lots of responses in the last 24 hrs, so let me adress each in one reply:

Cris, how has your new dog worked for you?

Aptrick, that was such a cool story, thanks for sharing. If my house ever burned down, I would go to the same lengths for my bear. It sounds silly, I know they aren't alive, but I owe alot to my bear, and even just stuffing him in a closet doesn't seem right. Greta job saving Paploo smile And yes, Friend Bear, of all the care bears, is ironic. Even more ironic is I also had Bedtime Bear, and still more ironic, Secret Bear, both of whom I can't find frown

Castle, thats kinda how I look at it. I wet the bed too, and have to wear a diaper to bed, so Friend Bear is essential to me for feeling secure.

Texan, I've taken Friend Bear on trips as recently as last year. A Travelodge survey showed 20% of adult men still travel with a stuffed animal :p

Puffer, ever thought of getting one now?

pbert, I'm glad your family was there to support you, what a great moment smile

jls, just get one. For me just the secure feeling is worth it.

temeraire, you're not the only one who didn't have one as a kid, and that baffles me. I thought they were as basic as food and water for a kid. However it's cool you made sure your kids had them. And I'm not surprised they still have them. I have a bond with Friend Bear that goes beyond him sharing in my abuse. I had him in my arms when I graduated pre-school...literally. I had him when I broke my leg and hip (at 4), when I broke my arms all four times, when I broke some fingers, both times I broke teeth, and when I had a ruptured appendicitis (all before 12yo). Not to mention the countelss hours of play, hauling him around in my backpack, or in my wagon, or even scotch taped to the front of my bike lol smile He's been there in the best of times, the good times, the bad times, and the worst of times. So I guess it's not too hard to see how I have such a strong bond to him when I really stop and look. Much like your kids in their own way, I'm sure.

Thanks guys smile


Inside all of us there's a wild thing.

-My favorite book.