Be warned you may be inspired by what you read . you may get offended & if that is the case
let me apologize right now because that is not and will never be my intent. My post are meant for reflection & self examination. If you do not agree with my post or my faith that is fine everyone is at a different place in their life & also has the right to believe in what they want . I will not argue or debate i just want to share what i feel the holy spirit directs me to write. If you feel it is not for you than that is just fine but if it touches you and causes you to reflect and take inventory of your life that is also great . I also believe god gives us all we need to overcome our situations & circumstances .He gives us all we need to accomplish this . It is up to us to do the work. i always try to be honest & come with the truth and yes it hurts sometimes so brace yourself . if you can not handle it than stop now
and turn back. if you disagree with it that is fine feel free to make your own thread please do not read if
you do not take into consideration what this disclaimer explains . now it is on you . peace & blessings and may you be blessed and inspired to go to work

God might not change your situation or circumstance
but what he can do is
change you through your situations and circumstances

Get pregnant by reading the word of God and birth FAITH

It absolutely astounds me how the wise can do so much with very little or next to nothing
while the unwise can do nothing with almost everything


We are all born with a disease called sin and there is but ONE cure not even
doctors,Buddha, Mohamed,self help books, not even religion can cure this disease none of these can relieve the symptoms or control the massive amounts of pain and death sin causes in your our lives. The ONE & and only cure is JESUS CHRIST

GOD takes lost baggage and claims it as his own
he gives life where death is found
he gives when he should take
he loves when he should reject
God can take what was broken & pieces it back together
He offers good in return for bad
But most of all he loves us to death


Suffering is one of our most fragile states to be in
For temptation is great while suffering
In the midst of suffering temptation wants to exploit you ,Even to deny God
But fall not into the enemies plan , for it is God who not only delivers from suffering
he brings about Wisdom, Strength , & Obedience through suffering
Through suffering purification and refinement occurs

We are all but ripples that come and go
Your ripple can stretch out and change a whole generation
So be careful how your ripples will effect anther's life

Your creation shows your glory
Your creation shouts & screams of your presence
Your creations on all the earth tells of your story
Look & behold all that he has made in awe & wonder
Doubt no longer
His creation is perfect and majestic
From the stars above to the flow of lava below
Behold God almighty who declares his creation
Look through the window of his creation & catch a glipse of his unmatched wisdom
Everything perfect in it's place
The Lord of Glory is found in all he has made

Insider trading is frowned upon but i thought you should know
Do not put your stock in worldliness
Although it appears to be a great investment
It's stock will soon plummet into the depths of hell
Now would be a great time to dump worldliness
And put ALL of your Stock into JESUS and ride it
all the way to Heaven

Faith can see in the dark
Faith can see when things get to hard
With Faith belief comes alive and hope is born
With Faith death comes to life
Faith says yes when your mind says no
Faith can see what you can not
so get some

Raised & indoctrinated with false truth
of the streets & all that forms young minds thinking this is the only way to live
Lost with a worldly system with no expectation of self worth
Molded by the hustle and it's deceitful temptations of a better life.
In the unseen reality of passing out poison to our people
Keeping in step with what was passed down to you.
Caught in the cycle of belief in this way of lie as if it is the only way
Do not believe the lie Do not live this life
Break free from this belief there is a a better way
For Jesus is the TRUTH
Jesus is the WAY & the LIFE
so find him and stop living in a world that would have you believe otherwise
after all it is a choice that some do not even know they have

What ever your mountain is in your life
Why do you insist on climbing it ?
DID you not know you have the power & authority to Move the mountain
Stop climbing your mountains and use the power & authority given to you

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