Wow, an amazing topic. I still have my stuffed Ewok, 'Paploo" from stars wars- Return of the Jedi, i got him when i was 10, once when i left him at home. Our house burned down, and I went back secretly and dug through the ash of my room and found him, caked in ash and muck. My mother told me I had to throw him away, so I waited until she went to work and started the salvage process. Cleaning him was no different than thawing Han solo out of the carbonite. I used a hose and sprayed off all the funk i could then I filled the tub with hot water and detergent and washed and rung out, over and over until he was clean. Then i had to spray many different chemicals and fragrances and air fresheners to knock out the burn smell. Then more hand washing and air drying. It took three days and a carefully conceiled plan before I could reveal to my mother i had disobeyed her. But he was my best friend and I knew I couldn't just throw him away. HE wasn't synged or burned in anyway. The house burned to the ground. I still have him and gladly give him a hug once in a while. he spent time in my son's pocession and now sits in my daughter's room. Symbolically, watching over them as they slept. To this day he still has a faint burned odor, but for me it has become the smell I associate with him.

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