I don't have anything from childhood, I do remember a favorite Snoopy doll that I loved and had for mabye 2-3 years then dissapeared.

Recently, I was the only one home one day, wife's at work & kids were in school. I walked into my two boys room to put something away when I noticed a treasured stuffed bear that my younger son owns. I picked up his bear and looked it over, I just felt the need to cuddle it. It struck me, the love & safety that little stuffed bear knows, I know how my son cherishes that bear, his little tender heart has put so much store in that little bear. I got weapy standing there, knowing that I never had what my son has... Even the stuffed bear has more love than I or most of us here ever knew (or ever got thru to us) growing up.

Trb1345, you treasure that bear, I think it's great that you have him. Wish I still had my Snoopy, think I'll be checking ebay today for one smile

My Updated (2017) Story, it focuses on the abuse, the aftermath & poor coping mechanisms & breakthrough...Healing ; https://youtu.be/z4JAIE82NpU