Wow Tommy,
I think thats cool you have kept that comfort and bed buddy for so long. I relate to you on how your teddy bear accepts you no matter what, is always there no matter what and if your buddy was not there you would feel a loss. Man, thats beautiful.
(choke/bittersweet tears...smiles)
That hit a buried memory and evoked a strong sadness. I remember about five years after the assault, l was divorced even though l had it made; the possessions, career a peaceful divorce without child custody hassles...and l was miserable...disclosurere was still over twenty-five years away.
My daughter had this big nice bear and one night l got up and took it back to bed. I recall how soft it felt as l held that bear and it gave me a comfort then. Maybe l did it more than once, don't remember.
But ol' Ruby the Slipper my redbone coonhound slept in my bed many nights and she and Sir Rigsby were my family for seventeen years.
Thanks for the memory.

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