Yes! plain and simple is that anytime that anyone takes away your ability to say "no" either as a child or as an adult (regardless of gender) it is abuse. Just because you are gay, doesn't make it right or acceptable. I had an uncle who told me that because I had an erection and orgasm that I liked it and wanted it. I didn't and it's been a hard journey to accept that my body responded to stimulization like anyone else would. He also told me that I was queer or fag (terms from my era)and that it's what all queers/fags do. As a young boy/teen, I was really confused. I now know who I am and know that abuse is abuse. Don't allow others or yourself convince yourself that sexual abuse was inevitable. I would also like to share that I've read on this site, Adult Males struggling with Same Sex Attraction and that there is some discussion that Heterosexual men having those feelings maybe trying to place themselves in a control situation that was taken away from them while they were sexually abused. My best suggestion is for you to followup with Therapist and Hosts of this site or your therapist (if you have one). I am a married man, two kids, but have struggled with my abuse on so many different levels. what I've told myself and what I am are finally coming together.

Forgiving does not always mean everything goes back to the way it was. There are still natural consequences for what was done.