Wow. Opinions really do vary, and I respect each of you for how you feel. I guess I am the exception, in a sense.

For the first 8 or 9 years of my life, I was forced into one sexual encounter or another with a male. I have ALWAYS wanted a wife and a family. Unfortunately, those first 8 or 9 years painted a picture of "normal" for me and I accepted it as being just that. From time to time, I crave the attention/affection of a man....I do, however, believe that God made man for woman. I've read it. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. So, I am in constant conflict because....I DON'T WANT TO BE GAY OR BISEXUAL. I want to be a straight man who enjoys being with one woman, having a family, and so forth.

I pray regularly for God to take the desire away from me. Aside from my personal views, it pains me to KNOW that I am living something that His word says I shouldn't be. I still crave it and YES I still give in to what my flesh wants from time to time, but it hurts me terribly.

I do not believe that I was born this way, nor do I accept that I was "meant" to be this way. My CSA was all I knew about sex and/or affection for the first 8 or 9 years of my life. It was my "normal". But the reason I have sex and the reason God created sex are completely different. I want to have a stronger mind and heart to always choose His way. It's not easy, but I am making strides daily.

Don't throw stones at me if you don't agree...I just think it's time for the world to see that there are people who are gay/bisexual and REALLY don't want to be. If only there was a light switch that you could turn off and never turn it on again...