They hide the facts in that MST is not my primary medical diagnosis, the VA lists Chronic PTSD as the primary. They never documented any of the trauma and called me a liar, the Director of MST in the Dallas VAMC wrote it in my records.
Now after four years l have found Recon Marine buddies that remember the evidence and radical change in my esprit de corps. I got them in a cover up and they know it.
Last month l bypassed all the VA and went directly to the DoD Inspector General office of investigations and sent many emails to Leon Panetta the Sec. of Defense regarding the MSP(military sexual predator) Randy S Kraft who I survived.
I also sent to the VAOIG, veterans affairs office of the inspecting general a very detailed complaint and l contacted one of the Assistant Deputies on his cell phone in Seattle and he was very interested, he is a bigtimer and was amazed l got his number.
I told all of them if l don't get treatment and proper compensation l will fkn climb a watertower with my cell phone and call all the investigative reporters who have been after me to tell what happened. I have given them scenarios and names of the headhunters that work with big newspapers.
I am not messing around and l was even able to communicate with Randy S Kraft via his death row pen pal. The gov hid him quick after they caught him, not to many serial killers do 67 men and no one knows about it.
The events of the 1970's thru 1983, they were looking for this MSP for 13 years.
Time to tell the world what happened.

Doug>ASA Survivor (1x)
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