Unfortunately I have to deal with my husbandís perp more than I would care to (given that itís his brother, and my husband and I are the only ones who knows the crimes heís committed). The perp, being total f*ck up in life that he is, got a girl pregnant within weeks of knowing her. Not the first time heís done it, but she is the first one who has been insistent on keeping it. The child is absolutely adorable, but of course in my mind Iím terrified heís going to abuse the child.

The other brother remains unaware of everything that happened, and he has children of his own too Ė so Iím always cautious when the perp is around his niece and nephew. Today the perp walked out of the house with his nephew and I sprinted after him. I donít think he would of done anything given it was a family event, but I wasnít willing to risk it.

Anyway, are there strong statistics to show that a perpetrator will repeat such acts later in life with their own children? And given that I know the atrocities heís carried out in the past, am I obligated to intervene in anyway? Or do I just have to keep a close eye on him like I always do?