I love this post. I took up serious body building so late like everything else but the cool thing is it just doesnt matter. Like you I find it gives me an outlet for stress and is a way better way to express yourself than some of the alternatives we all know about.

I was into organized sports when i was younger playing college volleyball. I used to lift weights but nothing to heavy cuzi it seemed that everytime i started to lift heavier, I got injuried and frustrated and just gave up. At 40 my best bench was 315 which is not too bad for a guy who weighed 155 and 5'6'(I know i played college ball when they used to let really short people play, now i am not even tall enuf for a girls team but i digress).

Now at 51 i no longer do the stupid exercices we are all taught cuz they are not good in the long run. I do minimal range of motion exercises with very heavy weights. Leg press is 630lbs, bicep concentration curls are 80, triceps is 110 and bend over rows 120. No longer do i do any straight bar cuz the bench press does no rotation and is not good for your rotator cuff - its out, as are upright rows, military press and behind the back pull downs. Everything is not too deep , too high or even close to full range of motion. I have not had a lifting injury in 3 years, and at this age i look and feel better than i ever have.

The secret is just like when we need to listen to our little voice we need to listen to our bodies. If it doesnt feel right for you it probably is no good. Never get a guy named biff to show you the ropes,lol.

It helps you increase your endorphin levels, decrease cortisol stress hormones and is a way to increase testosterone which keeps all men young. I like what the futureorbust has to say. It has given me all the things he has said plus an inner peace knowing I am doing this to help myself when so many things i did in the past were so self destructive. If i miss 2 days i start jonesing for it,lol. How cool is that? 2 people asked me last week if i was 43, 'around that' i replied.

Would love you to post a link to your body building web site bustman.

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011