1. He came home one day and over dinner told me that our 25 year marraige was over.
2. I knew he had been depressed and thought it was over his dad who had taken ill and was never again himself. I definitely knew something was seriously wrong after he came home and made his announcement - he didn't even sound like himself - it was like an alien walked into our house. In the two weeks that followed I found out he was involved emotionally with someone else and was able to convince him to get help.
3. After my discovery he began therapy and is still in therapy. It was during therapy that his 35 year secret was disclosed. He came home from therapy one night and told me what happended to him as a boy. It was difficult in that I also new the person - a family friend. I love him and believe in our marraige and family and so I am doing my best to stand by him and just hope that he will be able to heal himself and that we can heal our relationship.

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