Gay and Surviving here( hands waiving overhead like horshack on welcome back kotter)

I'd go as far as Thriving. No longer Conniving and now Re-aliving. A move towards peace as my inner self and outer world are now Jiving. Being there for those i love and care about, without worry of causation or labels or judgement is the only aim I find worth Striving(4). But as rhyming syntax goes , this one is Diving,lol.

A sense of humour, a realization that some of us will be gay regardless of personal expectation, and an acceptance that it is as ok to be gay as it is to be not gay - all assist in understanding.

Its sort of like saying can one be left handed, have a counter clockwise crown swirl or be attracted to certain pheromones and be a survivor? The question can be intriguing but the point is moot. When dealing with complex issues, its always best to consider more than one author. I thought he was always into spinach, but to quote the tuber loving Popeye:
" i yam what i yam" Ok its late , sue me.

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